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OutVoice Banner Ads
Positions one through three will always be the current OutVoice Top 20 Chart top three CD's. Positions four through... will be available to artists and fans. 
The positions are available for $10.00 per month, for one or two months, $25.00 for three months, $35.00 for four months, $45.00 for five months, with the sixth month free and free image changes. Annual or 12 months package is $80.00 with monthly image changes at no charge. Specific placement in the banner is not a choice option.  Banners are displayed on the main page at OutVoice, Current Chart, and the Vote Pages. Top Three banners of the Top 20 CD chart and purchased banners will also be shown at www.glbtartists.com.  

Buy below for Banner Ads for OutVoice.

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* Sexually explicit artwork and or ads are not eligible. We refuse the right of refusal for any sponsorship.  

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