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    Website Hosting F.A.Q. 

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Website design, website management, Domain Parking, Search Engine Optimization, META tag creation. 

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Web Design

Just as each website is unique so are the needs and costs of each individual website. Our design pricing includes meta-tags and S.E.O. - Search Engine Optimization, search engine readiness and our own proven registration for search engine effectiveness. We would be happy to provide our proposal for your website design and creation.  Our costs are 90% of the time we are told at least 50% les than other companies have offered. Proposals and cost analysis are free so why not gather all the opportunities rather than let one slip right be?
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Website Management

We offer website management services as well. Our management services include; weekly or monthly updates, monthly or weekly image additions, monthly link verifications, quarterly S.E.O. check and update if needed. Our website management service starts at $35.00. For a personal quote for your specific needs contact: 
Web management services

Domain Parking with Forwarding Service Only
Redirect service: 
Your domain URL is forwarded to a different URL with the new URL shown in the address bar. $20.00 per year 


Domain Parking Service
Domain parking    $15.00 per year.

Search Engine Optimization and Registration

Search Engine Registration Services

We offer search engine registration via a central information bank. This type of registration has shown better results than cross platform/ multiple search engine, or direct search engine registration. Search engine registration is free to all OEG website design service clients and to all web management service clients. We do not offer a stand alone search engine registration service. 

META Tag creation
META Tags are used by search engines and robots for listing in search queries. Proper META tags will increase search engine effectiveness. 

We will create productive META TAGS for your website. Our pilot website maintained return in the top five for directed searches for over five years, still in the top ten returns! see below.

Our background in successful META TAG creation is best shown by our search engine ranking pilot website, StoneWall Society maintaining a first in ten results response on Yahoo and Google with  search responses for GLBT Artists 2004 -now.. 
We maintained the same search results on Yahoo for searches on GLBT Equality since 2006. 


Main Page only: $50.00

Main Page with customized template for other pages in your website: $75.00 (We write the first page and create a template that with minimal changes you can create yourself for other pages in your website.  BEST WAY!

Main Page and each additional page we create tags for all pages: $50.00 main page and $5.00 each additional page. You will order with just the main page amount. After we determine the total number of pages, we will issue an invoice for separate pages. 

META TAG installation: Main Page: $15.00 each additional page $3.00 (requires your authority to access your website server.) We will also be happy to provide generic installment instructions as requested. No additional charges, included in your creation order charge. You will  order with only the main page charge of $15.00. After we determine the total number of pages, we will issue an invoice for separate pages.


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